Business Overview – Mountain Vapor Lounge

Here’s a fun example of a business overview video that I created on the spur of the moment with minimal equipment.

Mountain Vapor lounge is owned by Betti and Dave Anderliter.

Mountain Vapor Lounge is the ONLY Vapor Shop and Lounge in Teller County, right in downtown Woodland Park, CO. Selling Coils, Mods, Tanks, & RDAS and premium e-juices from Absolute Vapor.

Mountain Vapor Lounge is located at: 118 W Midland Ave, Woodland Park, Colorado

Like them on Facebook – Client Headshots

Did some photography for, a new client. Hubba is a network of brands, buyers, and influencers. They have a client in Colorado Springs, who needed a few head shots for Hubba’s website.

I met with Don Rodgers of Rocky Mountain Readiness in Acacia Park. After a quick setup, we got some great pictures. One of my primary goals is to capture individual’s authentic self … “yep, that’s you!” is actually a great compliment when someone sees your photos.

A wonderful benefit of my job is that I get to meet fantastic people and interesting entrepreneurs who are out there making something happen.

You can find Rocky Mountain Readiness here:

Learn more about Hubba HERE


Randy’s Towing – Updated Business Cards

Randy’s Towing (719-596-6067) is a long time client. I’ve helped them create multiple business card designs over the past few years. They recently asked me to update their last design for their business cards, which were ordered over 2-years ago.

No problem, I keep all of the designs I create for my clients forever through comprehensive data backups and file storage.

Here’s the old design:

They wanted to change the background and add a different truck and a new logo:

After some editing here’s the final result:

Randy’s towing only had to pay for the printing, I redesigned the cards and no charge.

My primary focus is building and maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships.

FaceBook: @RandysTowing2

Have Pelicans will Travel

These Pelican cases are my new favorite things. I’m sure you’ve experienced going on a job for video or photography and you show up with a bunch of different, mismatched cases – old, new, borrowed, whatever. They get the job done, but there are a few problems.

I’ve found it’s very easy to forget to take a small piece of equipment to the job or leave something behind on site afterwards. For me, it’s a matter of being unorganized and not having a system, and that drives me nuts.

The two cases I have now allow me to limit the number bags and cases I have to bring and they allow me to have a better process when packing for a job. The larger case (1615 Air) even has room for my tripods and lights stands.

Air 1615 packed and ready to go

Now, we all know perceptions matter. Right or wrong, people make judgments on what they see. I’m not normally a “brand” type of guy – I’m concerned about functionality and costs. However, because Pelican cases are recognized as an industry standard or they just simply look professional (and cool). I’ve noticed a different reaction when I’m on a job and traveling. People assume I know what I’m doing, my clients seem more at ease and take direction better, and I get a lot more photo and video related questions.

The more my business grows the more I’m finding myself traveling, which is great, but Initially I couldn’t fathom how I would make that work. At first, I was just going back and forth between Colorado Springs and San Diego, I was able to preposition equipment so I didn’t have to bring as much on the plane. That quickly became impractical, because I can’t do that for every city I go to.

Now, I use the small carry-on case (1510) for my cameras and lenses and keep that with me. The larger case (Air 1615) to check as luggage. They are made to withstand the abuse and keep moisture out. I’ve also bought TSA approved locks to keep the cases secure.

If you travel with your gear or go on-site for jobs I’d highly recommend these cases. There are links below to the two Pelican cases that I have, as well as the locks.


Pelican 1510 Case With Foam (Black)
Pelican 1510 Case With Foam (Black)
Large Pelican Case - Air 1615
Pelican Air 1615 Case With Foam (Black)
TSA Approved Locks - Jay Billups Creative Media
Forge TSA Locks 2 Pack

jbCM now a BBB Accredited Business!

I’m happy to announce that Jay Billups Creative Media has been accredited by the Southern Colorado Better Business Bureau!

“An Accredited Business by the BBB asserts that the business has met the BBB accreditation standards, underscoring the commitment to trust, ethics and resolution.  BBB Accredited Businesses will always act on good faith to resolve their consumers’ complaint and maintain their reliability. ”

Many of the required standards in the BBB Code of Business Practices are very similar to standards that I grew accustomed to in the military (Go Air Force!):

  • Build Trust
  • Be Honest (Advertise Honestly)
  • Tell the Truth
  • Be Transparent
  • Honor Promises
  • Be Responsive
  • Embody integrity

You can see the full list and details here.

This is exciting for me. Another step in my commitment to my clients and the services I provide.