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A New Era – The Epoch Continues

Recently Jay Billups Creative Media (JBCM) had some setbacks, the same as most small businesses, in the face of COVID-19. In Jun I learned that JBCM was soon to lose its office and studio space (see my previous post: End of an Era). That kind of news is the sort that can send someone into a panic!

My first thought (after my anxiety attack) was that I could move my operations back home and run my studio out of part of the house, like I did when I started my business. However, it didn’t feel right … seemed like I was going backwards and playing it too safe. Safe is good sometimes, but it’s impossible to grow from that position … it takes risks to achieve higher levels and to reach your goals.

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.” ~ Dale Carnegie

A New Era has begun for JBCM. Instead of moving the business back home, I leased my own space. I’ve gone from renting 500 sq/ft to over 2000 sq/ft! The space includes three studios, a changing/makeup room, multiple offices AND space for the upcoming expansion of JBCM Magazine! Capabilities are almost endless. Of course this move has spawned new goals!

New storefront for Jay Billups Creative Media www.GOJBCM.com

Is this a risk? Yes! Will it be difficult? Yes! Is it scary? Yes! Bring. It. On!

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Time to rebuild, time to grow, time to make it happen. Arise JBCM!

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