Complimentary Headshots by Jay Billups

Complimentary headshots by Jay Billups

Complimentary Headshots

I provide on-location, complimentary, headshots for active military, veterans, police, firefighters, and educators. If you would like more information please  contact me

Find your headshot below by selecting the tile with the same date as your shoot. The link will open a gallery. Simply find your headshot and download the photo.

Watermarks will not appear on the downloaded photo. You have full rights to use your photo as you see fit

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Cleared Careers Sponsored Headshots

Photo date: Mar 24, 2022 at UCCS

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USO LinkedIn Headshots

Photo date: Mar 02, 2022 at Double Tree

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Connect with a Vet

Photo date: Feb 17, 2022 Colorado Springs Event Center

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Photo, Video and Design Services

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  • Property
  • Video

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Past Sessions

Cleared Careers Sponsored Headshots

Photo date: Jan 27, 2022 at Double Tree

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USO LinkedIn Headshots

Photo date: Jan 12, 2022 at Double Tree

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USO LinkedIn Headshots

Photo date: Dec 02, 2021

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USO LinkedIn Headshots

Photo date: Sept 09, 2021

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Other JBCM Services

JBCM Design & Printing

Design and Printing Services

I offer design and printing services at affordable prices. You have a lot of options for printing and sign creation. However, unless you want to use premade templates most people need help with design and creating the correct type of files. I’m here to make your ideas come to life. I can do the design for you to print OR I can design and print for you through one of my many resources.

What’s even better is if you need multiple products, like banners, business cards, a logo, pamphlets, etc I’m your one-stop-shop. In most cases you won’t pay much more than if you went out a ordered on your own, BUT you get the benefit of professional design AND huge time savings. 

Logo, business cards, publication printing, door hangers, flyers, banners, stickers, vinyl graphics, etc – you name it, I can help you out.

Don’t forget I can also assist you with adding some great photography to your designs as well (headshots, products, group photos, real estate )

Ads for printing and for online. Need help trying to match specific requirements, like colors, (RGB, CMYK) dots-per-inch, dimensions, vectors? I can take care of all of the for you.

Jay Billups Creative Media proudly produces and distributes JBCM Magazine, a free local publication that provides a platform for artist, entrepreneurs and educators to share their passions to motivate and inspire others. Advertising opportunities available.

I can help you create your own magazine, multi-page brochures and catalogs.

SAMPLE Pricing

Custom design and printing services. Contact me for a quote

Business Cards

14pt glossy cover. Full-color, double-sided, free UPS shipping, design & proofing included.

Wide array of options and paper stock available

Vinyl Banners

13oz Premium vinyl. Full-color, grommets every 2 feet, free UPS shipping, design & proofing included.

Many other sizes available

Vehicle Magnets

30oz DigiMaxx® White Vinyl Magnetic Material. Matte surface

Many other sizes available. Different shapes and quantities available

Other print and design services: booklets, brochures, folded business cards, biz card magnets, calendars, door hangers, tickets, stickers, postcards, magnets, envelopes, notepads, A-frame signs, floor decals, yard signs, window signs, vinyl lettering, EDDM mailers.

Other JBCM Services

JBCM Promotional Video

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are necessary for businesses, organizations, colleges/universities entrepreneurs, non-profits … okay, everyone!

What typically holds people back? Knowing where/how to start, costs, fear of being on camera … just to name a few. I can help you here! Contact me for a free consultation. My first task is to gain your confidence and put you at ease about the process to create your project.

One minute promo for Silver Key Senior Services. Created for a sponsored event, social media and their website

Promo video for local musician, John Redmon, promoting his latest album available via Amazon Alexa.

Promotion videos can be created with original footage, stock footage, animation and/or white board techniques.

Animation is a great way to go if can’t film, are on a tight schedule, or simply want something a little different.

Like this video created for the Denver Health Emergency Medicine Residency Program, promotional video can included your own mobile phone video mixed in to add a greater level of authenticity and to allow more people in your organization to contribute to your project.

Promotion videos can be created during video production projects such as interviews and events. A great way to promote for future services and events. Get the most bang for your buck.

Promo video can be easily created during the filming of other projects. These are typically included in your video production costs as an added bonus. Here Devon quickly encourages people to look into UNC’s Center for Urban Education if their interested in becoming a teacher.

A quick summary video pulled from event coverage for the USS Midway Museum’s Top Gun movie night. The video is used to promote future events on the ship.

Other JBCM Services

JBCM Studio Portraits

POrtraits - SOlo, Couples & Families

Studio portraits are one of things I enjoy the most. It’s always a thrill working with people one-on-one, couples and small groups. Portraits are different than standard headshots in that they can be more fun, dramatic, and expressive. The goal of portraits are to capture more of your individual personality.

Portrait sessions are available both in my studio, your home, or outdoors. In my studio you can have just about any background that you like with the use of digital technology and good ole, high-end, editing skills.

Families and groups are always welcome. I can typically handle groups up to ten (10) in my studio and, of course, more outdoors.

Studio photo session Pricing


$ 125
  • 1 Professionally edited image
  • 45 Minute studio session
  • Online Gallery
  • Standard backgrounds
  • Quick turn around


$ 250
  • 10 Professionally edited images
  • 90 Minute studio session
  • Wardrobe changes
  • Online gallery
  • Standard backgrounds
  • Quick turnaround


$ 375
  • 15 Professionally edited images
  • Background replacement on 5 images
  • Wardrobe changes, multiple backgrounds
  • Online Gallery
  • Quick turnaround

These are standard packages, but I’m happy to customize a photo session that better suits your needs. All packages allow for purchasing of additional images. Outdoor sessions are available at an additional charge.

These packages are for two (2) or more people. If you need solo pictures please see my headshot page.

Want to do something different? Share your ideas with me and let’s get creative!

Actors and models – I can help you create or add to your portfolio

Studio Photo Session Pricing

These are standard packages, but I’m happy to customize a photo session that better suits your needs.

JBCM Animation

Animated Videos

No matter what industry you’re in, animation and animated videos can be applicable and extremely useful. Solo entrepreneurs, speakers, small start-ups to large businesses corporations use animation videos to promote, educate and inspire, too. Animations are great to help explain processes, walk through instructions or to gain product recognition. Because we all have watched cartoons or animations in our life these grab attention in an effective manner.

animated video production example character

Character animations are a great way to present scenarios or case studies for education, discussion and/or analysis.

Are you considering a promotional video, but you’re not quite ready to get in front of the camera? I can design and create a custom character for you that can be your online persona or company representative.

An effective way to use animation is to combine it with live video to enhance interest or to do things in your production where animation is the best tool to get a point across. In short, animation can stand on its own or be combined with other media for the best effect.

I provide assistance through the entire process, from concepts and storyboarding to character creation, to voiceover.

Whiteboard animations are a great way to explain something or get a point across without just listing boring bullet points. I believe they are most effective when combined with other forms of video.

An excellent way to get through an otherwise non-engaging topic. Whiteboard or drawing animation capture a viewers attention and help to present points and concepts in a way that is more easily understood.

Animation is also useful for video intros and to simply relay or help to quickly visualize a concept. Animation is included in some of my video production packages. Contact me for more information.

Simple animations can enhance understanding in educational and training videos.

Custom logo animations are a great way to increase the production value of your videos and grab viewers’ attention.

Animation Costs

You’re probably wondering how much my animation services cost. The answer, like many things, is that it depends. Is the animation a standalone project or will it be part of an overall project? Prices are determined by level of work and every situation is different.

Contact me for a free estimate or quote.

I do my best to keep prices reasonable, accurate and firm. In other words, you’ll know the complete cost of your project before we start.

Other JBCM Services

Video for Education

Video for Education

With the advent of online courses, video is an essential part of today’s education process. It is not enough to stand in front of a camera and lecture. Well, sometimes that the difficult part. Getting comfortable in front of the camera is a completely different than feeling at ease in front of a classroom. This is where I excel.

A group of enthusiast professors and instructors having a great time in front of the camera

You can come to my large studio in Colorado Springs, or I can come to you – I travel nation-wide.

I have a fully function studio in Colorado Springs. I also have multiple mobile studio setups that I can bring to you and setup almost anywhere. I travel nation-wide.

I taught and directed courses at the US Air Force Academy as an active and reserve officer for over 5 years. I taught at Pikes Peak Community College and multiple online universities. My experiences mean that I have a better understanding of the education process than most other media companies.

Teaching at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) was a definite highlight of my career.

JBCM Memorial Videos and Tribute Slideshows

Memorial Videos and Tribute Slideshows

Memorial videos and tribute slideshows are a great & respectful way to honor a loved one who has passed. The slideshows and videos are fitting to show during the memorial service and to share online with family and friends.

Music, titles, graphics and animations are included.

Memorial videos and tribute sideshows for veterans

Memorial Videos

Memorial videos are an affordable way to create a wonderful keepsake that you may view and share whenever you’d like. Please view the videos above to see how wonderful these can be. Memorial videos  feature recording of the actual celebration ceremony, funeral or attended memorial. A summary video is produced that can range in length from 10-30 minutes. If images of you loved are provided I can also add those to the completed video.

Play Video

Memorial videos include music, custom titles, animation and custom backgrounds.

Play Video

I offer quick turnaround for your unique memorial video video

Memorial videos that include filming of the celebration, funeral, or memorial service are currently only available in Colorado Springs, CO at this time.

Tribute Slideshows

The tribute slideshows I create are put together from a collection of as few as 20 pictures. All you have to do is provide the persons details (name & dates), email me the images and I take care of the rest. I promise a quick turnaround to meet your specific needs.

Play Video

Tribute slideshows include music, custom titles, animation and custom backgrounds.

Play Video

I offer quick turnaround for your special tribute video

Memorial Video and Tribute Slideshow Pricing

Tribute Slideshow

$ 325
  • Professionally edited video slideshow
  • Music and titles
  • Created from your photos and video
  • Quick turn around
  • License-free video file for personal use and sharing

Memorial Video

$ 625
  • Professionally edited video keepsake
  • On-site recording
  • Incorporate your own photos and videos
  • Music, titles and graphics
  • Quick turnaround
  • License-free video file for personal use and sharing

These are standard packages, but I’m happy to customize a service that better suits your needs.

Other JBCM Services

JBCM Wedding Videos

Wedding Video & Photography

Behind the scenes jay billups filming a wedding video
Behind the scenes Filming a video small outdoor wedding in Colorado Springs, CO

Wedding Summary Videos

Wedding summary videos are becoming an increasingly important and convenient way to share and remember your wedding day.  Due to a number of reasons weddings are smaller and out of town guest are not able to travel as easily. 

The goal of my summary wedding videos is to capture the overall feeling of the day while not being too long. The videos are 4-8 minutes in length, timed to beautiful music, titles, graphics and transitions.

My style is to produced smooth emotional videos that are not overly produced so that the true feeling of the day can come through. I feel that you don’t want fancy transitions and screen effects taking the focus away from the event. 

By not being trendy with effects and animation, the videos I produce will stand the test of time and remain a wonderful keepsake for years to come. 

I work solo or with and assistant and I interface well with other service providers at your wedding. Contact me today to start planning for your upcoming wedding!

Wedding Summary Video Pricing


$ 400
  • Free consultation
  • Quality video recording
  • Delivery in 7 business days
  • Enjoyable experience
  • No copyright video file


$ 900
  • Free consultation
  • Quality video recording
  • Delivery in 10 business days
  • Enjoyable experience
  • No copyright video file


$ 1200
  • Free consultation
  • Quality video recording
  • Delivery in 14 business days
  • Enjoyable experience
  • No copyright video file

These are standard packages and they reflect average prices. Your costs may be higher or lower depending on actual coverage time and services.

I’m happy to customize a photo session that better suits your needs.

Wedding Ceremony Videos

If you’d rather have the full ceremony captured instead or in addition to a summary I can do that for you as well.

Wedding Photography

Yes, I do wedding photography as well. Here are a couple slideshows with some samples. Enjoy

Wedding Video and Photography Services

Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.
719-645-7308, or complete and submit the form below.

Other JBCM Services

JBCM Real Estate Property Photos

Real Estate and Property Photos

I provide high-quality real estate and property photos for those special listings. I take pride in my work. I use professional grade photo and lighting equipment and I’m constantly learning and keeping up to speed on the latest techniques.

I promise next-day turnaround for your photos.

Even given my commitment to quality, my prices are comparable. You’ll be surprised by the bang you get for your buck. Contact me today

Ask about 360 Walkthrough Tours. They can be self guided or animated, and included videos, sound and text. 

Drone services available where allowed per FAA guidelines and restrictions.

JBCM Drone & Aerial Services

Drone Photo and Video Services

My drone photo and video services are a great way to add another perspective to photo and video projects. It’s another angle of which to enhance your story or message. I am fully insured and a licensed FAA drone pilot.

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Recent drone work

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Jay at Work - Flying behind the scenes

Choose a standard option or customize aerial photography and videography services that are a perfect for you and your project.

Drone footage to highlight your business, especially if you work outdoors. These are snippets for a tree service company

Aerial video is ideal for showcasing properties and construction projects. This video highlights how the playhouse was constructed amongst the tree and landscape on a way that is not easily ascertained from the ground.

Drone Photo and Video services

Aerial images from a drone can highlight a unique aspect of your business like Shupes in St Croix, USVI

Drone Photo and Video services

Aerial images are great for highlight features of a neighborhood or property that are not easily seen from the ground. This image brings attention to how the golf course aligns with the homes.

Used properly, drone video and photos can enhance most productions and galleries. My aerial photography and video service can be standalone or added as part of an overall project. 

A great way to showcase a large property, business or local activity. 

Drone footage can add a great touch to real estate videos. Not to be used as a gimmick, but to enhance and help tell the story of the property. This video was created for one of Danah Martin’s listings.


Prices below are for standalone drone/aerial services. 


High resolution images
$ 175
  • 1.5 Hours on-site
  • Online photo gallery
  • One day turn around
  • Media release - No licensing fees


4k Video files
$ 225
  • 1.5 hours on site
  • Easy video file download
  • Quick turnaround
  • Media release - no licensing fees

Video & Photo

Includes edited promo video
$ 325
  • 2 Hours on-site
  • Video includes music, graphics and titles
  • Quick turnaround
  • Online photo gallery
  • Media release - no licensing fees

*Drone operations are flown in accordance with FAA Unmanned Aircraft Systems rules and restrictions.

These are standard packages, but I’m happy to customize services to better suits your needs.

If you have an idea or need that is not specifically addressed here please contact me so we can discuss how I may assist you with your future project.

Other JBCM Services