CO-Marketing: Save on printed marketing material

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we know we need to market to potential and existing clients… – After all people have to know what you DO and Why they should want your SERVICES. There are lots of different ways to market, but I think print is still one of the best ways. It’s physical, tactile, can be stunning and it persist… best of all, it requires no internet connection.

So why aren’t we doing it more… Two big drawbacks… it can be expensive and it takes effort get it out into people’s hands. (HARDWORK? Really? Please tell me that’s not your excuse) I have a solution to both with what I call co-marketing co-marketing is partnering with one or more business owners to share a marketing place, the design, cost and distribution. Here area couple examples

1. Share a double-sided business card Obviously you don’t want a competitor, but the businesses don’t have to be complimentary

2. Share a brochure; our magazine partnered with EZ Ship ETC They have one side and we have the other.

3. The last example is a booklet, catalog or magazine. A little more complex, but imagine if 10 businesses got together to create something like this; it could be quite impressive and effective. For example we print 10,000 copies of JBCM Magazine and it gets distributed as a free magazine across Colorado Springs and Pueblo. We’ve partnered with Joe Moore of Medicare Made Easy — it has increased his visibility and client base dramatically.

These are just a few examples, I’m sure you can think of a lot more. Aside from saving on cost and being able to print more, by implementing co-marketing you add in a level of accountability with whomever you partner with, you can setup times to meet or talk about how much material you’ve shared and also brainstorm ways to get your material in the hands of your potential customers.

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how you can be creative with your marketing. Please feel free to share any other ideas you have. Of course, if you need help with design and printing we’re here to help. www.GOJBCm.com Cheers

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