Real Estate photo and video services in Colorado Springs CO

Complimentary Real Estate Shoots

Jay Billups Creative Media (JBCM) is restarting Real Estate photo and video services! To include interior and exterior photography, video walkthroughs, agent interviews, aerial (drone) photo and video, and 360 degree photos and walkthroughs.

I’m providing 2-3 free real estate session to a few agents as I work on perfecting my process. You’ll get day turnaround with no obligation. If you’re happy with my work a review on Google or BBB would be great!

Properties do not need to be high-end to get great pictures. JBCM is working on a process to deliver great photos and videos to clients at great prices.

The above video include drone footage, realtor introduction, custom graphics and a brief walkthrough. A video like this can be provided with 2-days of shooting.

I also provide customized walkthrough videos with voiceover and intro options.

This is a first-come, first-serve offer. Contact JBCM Today!

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