How to get your educational videos edited

Because I have a background in education I really enjoy working on video editing projects for schools and universities.

While most universities have facilities for creating video, editing, on the other hand is a different story. It’s especially important to make sure that the learning objectives remain intact and the proper message gets across while at the same time creating an enjoyable experience for the learner. 

Shooting on a green screen is a popular way to create video, because you have the ability to place the instructor anywhere on the screen and change the background as you see fit. 

What a lot of people find out is that the process of removing the background is much tougher than you might think – it’s more of an art than anything else and does require some skill, experience … and patience.

If you belong to an educational organization and you find yourself in the position of having some great content, but lack the staff and expertise to complete the project JBCM is here to help. Give us a call at 719-645-7308 so we can discuss how we may assist you in completing your courses. If you send us a few of your files we’ll do a sample edit at no charge. So you can get a feel for the quality of our work. 

We’re here and we’re ready… www.GOJBCM.com

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