How to get your vacation videos edited – We Can Help?

We do a lot of video editing … and I love it! Then again I’m the kind of person who enjoys reading instructions when I get new gear.

While I love editing, many people don’t. Oh, and I also love coding (insert “Nerd Alert” here)

It’s fun being the camera person, especially on vacation. But what about when you get home? Sitting down at the computer with all those files … It can be daunting.

Did you hire a videographer for a wedding or other event and, for whatever reason you opted for the raw files and planned to do the editing yourself. It’ll be easy you said, It’ll be fun you said.

If you are in a situation like this, know that we can help you. Whether you have a batch of files on your DSLR, phone, or GoPRO, we can take your clips and turn them into something that tells the story you want to share.

The emphasis here is on Your Story – we listen to you and your desires and, in collaboration create something that we’re both proud of.


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