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Retirement Planning

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Hello, I'm Nick Naseman. I provide comprehensive retirement planning that's more than just your investments. Because life is more than just about money.

Everyone is different, so I work with you to find the right solution for your unique situation. I understand there is no one-size-fits-all solution and won't try to force you into any particular investment.

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Retirement Lifestyle Planning

 With a multitude of Americans in or nearing retirement, there’s a growing need to help investors design and implement effective plans on which they can experience a comfortable lifestyle without having to worry about outliving their money.

Social Security Planning

While effectively planning how to take social security benefits may be able to provide thousands of dollars of income over your lifetime, social security must be coordinated with other available retirement assets. If you’re only getting information on social security planning, you’re only solving part of the retirement puzzle.

Life Insurance Planning

Life insurance can serve several purposes. Besides the most important benefit of providing for loved ones left behind, life insurance may be able to provide a supplement to your retirement income or offset long term care expenses. Life insurance is also the best way to provide a legacy to heirs in the form of a tax free death benefit.

Retirement Planning

Serving Colorado Springs

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