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Hello, my name is Jay Billups. I’m the owner and founder of Jay Billups Creative Media and Editor-in-Chief of JBCM Magazine.

I’m on a mission to expand the appreciation for creativity in all forms.

I strongly believe that we are all ingenious beings and if we embrace our own particular brand of creativity we will be able to contribute more to ourselves, our family and our society.

You see, creativity is not an outcome or an end product, it is process we each use, on a daily basis, to solve problems and overcome challenges. Many people are simply not aware of the innate creative power they possess.

I’m striving to achieve my mission through photography, video and print. I interview and feature people of all walks of life, so they may share their stories in hopes of motivating and inspiring others to embrace their creativity.

Thank you for visiting my website. Please explore the links to my businesses below.

Embrace your creativity!