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Animated Videos

No matter what industry you’re in, animation and animated videos can be applicable and extremely useful. Solo entrepreneurs, speakers, small start-ups to large businesses corporations use animation videos to promote, educate and inspire, too. Animations are great to help explain processes, walk through instructions or to gain product recognition. Because we all have watched cartoons or animations in our life these grab attention in an effective manner.

animated video production example character

Character animations are a great way to present scenarios or case studies for education, discussion and/or analysis.

Are you considering a promotional video, but you’re not quite ready to get in front of the camera? I can design and create a custom character for you that can be your online persona or company representative.

An effective way to use animation is to combine it with live video to enhance interest or to do things in your production where animation is the best tool to get a point across. In short, animation can stand on its own or be combined with other media for the best effect.

I provide assistance through the entire process, from concepts and storyboarding to character creation, to voiceover.

Whiteboard animations are a great way to explain something or get a point across without just listing boring bullet points. I believe they are most effective when combined with other forms of video.

An excellent way to get through an otherwise non-engaging topic. Whiteboard or drawing animation capture a viewers attention and help to present points and concepts in a way that is more easily understood.

Animation is also useful for video intros and to simply relay or help to quickly visualize a concept. Animation is included in some of my video production packages. Contact me for more information.

Simple animations can enhance understanding in educational and training videos.

Custom logo animations are a great way to increase the production value of your videos and grab viewers’ attention.

Animation Costs

You’re probably wondering how much my animation services cost. The answer, like many things, is that it depends. Is the animation a standalone project or will it be part of an overall project? Prices are determined by level of work and every situation is different.

Contact me for a free estimate or quote.

I do my best to keep prices reasonable, accurate and firm. In other words, you’ll know the complete cost of your project before we start.

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