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Memorial videos

Memorial videos for funeral ceremonies by Jay Billups

Memorial videos are a great & respectful way to honor a loved one who has passed. The videos are fitting to show during the memorial service and to share online with family and friends.

Most of the videos I create are put together from a collection of as few as 20 pictures. All you have to do is provide the persons details (name & dates), email me the images and I take care of the rest. I promise a quick turnaround to meet your specific needs.

Music, titles, graphics and animations are included.

Memorial videos are an affordable way to create a wonderful keepsake that you may view and share whenever you’d like. Please view the videos above to see how wonderful these can be.

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Jay Billups Creative Media’s studio is located in Colorado Springs, just off of Powers Blvd at 2482 Waynoka Rd, 80915. Call 719-645-7308