JBCM Drone/Aerial Services

Drones are a great way to add another perspective to photo and video projects. It’s another angle of which to enhance your story or message. Aerial photography and videography can add that extra level of creativity that may be just right for you.

Drone footage to highlight your business, especially if you work outdoors. These are snippets for a tree service company


Aerial mages are great for highlight features of a neighborhood or property that are not easily seen from the ground. This image brings attention to how the golf course aligns with the homes.

Used properly, drone video and photos can enhance most productions and galleries. For me, a drone is just another camera platform, there’s no specific upcharge to add aerial footage to your project.

A great way to showcase a large property, business or local activity. 

Drone footage can add a great touch to real estate videos. Not to be used as a gimmick, but to enhance and help tell the story of the property. This video was created for one of Danah Martin’s listings.

See my Aerial Photo/Video Gallery for more examples.

If you have an idea or need that is not specifically addressed here please contact me so we can discuss how I may assist you with your future project.

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