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Wedding Videos by Jay Billups in Colorado Springs

Wedding summary videos are becoming an increasingly important and convenient way to share and remember your wedding day.  Due to a number of reasons weddings are smaller and out of town guest are not able to travel as easily. 

The goal of my summary wedding videos is to capture the overall feeling of the day while not being too long. The videos are 3-5 minutes in length, timed to beautiful music, titles, graphics and transitions.

My style is to produced smooth emotional videos that are not overly produced so that the true feeling of the day can come through. I feel that you don’t want fancy transitions and screen effects taking the focus away from the event. 

By not being trendy with effects and animation, the videos I produce will stand the test of time and remain a wonderful keepsake for years to come. 

Behind the scenes jay billups filming a wedding video
Behind the scenes Filming a video small outdoor wedding in Colorado Springs, CO

I work solo or with and assistant and I interface well with other service providers at your wedding. Contact me today to start planning for your upcoming wedding!

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Jay Billups Creative Media’s studio is located in Colorado Springs, just off of Powers Blvd at 2482 Waynoka Rd, 80915. Call 719-645-7308