Men of color teaching project by UNCO center for urban development

Men of Color Teaching Project

Think about when you were going to school; elementary, junior high, high school. How many male teachers did you have? How many of the male teachers were men of color. If you’re like me you probably noted a significant imbalance on both counts.

There are many different reasons for the disparity, many of them arguable. However, I think we can agree that it’s important for children to have close experiences with men, woman and people of different ethnicities in positions of authority and leadership.

Rosanne Fulton Director of the Center for Urban Education at University of Northern Colorado, is actively seeking out ways to bring more men of color into early childhood, elementary and special education.

Preview of John’s story of how his experiences in law enforcement motivates him to teach
A trailer for Devon’s discussion about his motivation to become a teacher

Jay Billups Creative Media volunteered time and resources to create multiple video interviews of men in UNCO’s education program. The goal of the interviews is showcase men of color who are in or have completed UNCO’s education degree programs with a focus on their motivations for teaching.

Tyreeh discusses his passion for being a special education teacher.
Sedric talks about taking an unexpected path

The hope is that other men of color who see the videos and have a desired to teach will be inspired to follow that path and know that there is support and resources available to make that dream happen.

A video collage of the interviews (below) is used in training programs for new faculty.

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