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Hello, I'm Jay Billups. I specialize in helping you tell your story in a short 1-3 minute video.

Your session can be at my studio or at a location of your choosing. 

You don't have to perfect; with professional editing I make sure you come across the way you desire.

I also have a teleprompter to display your script so you don't have to memorize anything.

I can add any background you'd like with professional grade green screen techniques

I've invested in a slew of resources to make your videos that much better. The best thing is that your videos won't cost an arm and a leg. You can get up to three 1-3 minute in-studio videos for right around $200 for entrepreneurs with 0-2 employees.

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Affordable, professional, high quality video for entrepreneurs

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Creative Concierge Services


I offer a wide range of photographic services ... portraits, product, models, commercial, events, etc.


I specialize in interview, commercial, and explainer/whiteboard style videos. Great for websites, events, and social media.


I assist my clients with digital design, online marketing, print, and EDDM campaign.



Jay was amazing! As an entrepreneur for 20 years, I have been looking for someone to capture my vision and my heart for my business. He took over 1 hour worth of B roll and condensed it to a perfect 6 minute video. I am grateful to have worked with such a genius. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JAY BILLUPS. Thank you for your creative work!

Tonya C.



I am with the USS Midway Museum and have worked with Jay on several videography projects.  Jay approaches his projects with the utmost professionalism and passion for creation. Recently, Jay has been assisting us with volunteer highlight videos that are incredibly important to staff, volunteers, and our digital audience. We are capturing the oral histories of some of the over 700 volunteers on-board the USS Midway Museum. Jay interacts seamlessly with staff and volunteers and seems to really enjoy his craft. Thank you, Jay.

Amanda L.

 Marketing Director, USS Midway Museum 


I have worked with Jay since 1999. His recent work on producing videos for free online courses in cybersecurity were, as usual, top-notch. Jay is exceedingly bright, creative, and positive. He is also very accommodating, adjusting to many changes in schedule. And of course, his products are outstanding. 

Rick W.


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