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A Team Approach!

Weddings are special, iconic events in our lives. It's important that you properly document your special day and have lots of options. Should you rely on a single photographer and/or a single videographer to capture all of your moments? We don't think so!

At jbCM we approach your wedding as a team, with a minimum of two photographers and two videographers ... All for a very competitive price AND you have us ALL-DAY.

Wedding Videography!

We cover your wedding with at least two videographers and up to 4 video cameras. We won't miss a thing. You can have up to 5 individuals mic'd during the entire ceremony.

We meet with you well beforehand and storyboard your event to ensure we capture your wedding the way YOU want to.

Wedding Photography

In addition to videography, we have at least two photographers capturing all of your precious moments. We have detailed planning sessions with you, well before the wedding, to ensure that we're organized and remain out of the spotlight as much as possible.

Engagement Photos

Hotel room, classroom, conference room ... you name it, a small space is not a limiting factor in creating your next online course.

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